Let my skin absorb your darkness


It is through another's willing absorption of our darkness that we may find acceptance of our internal burdens.
The public were invited to scratch their suppressed or festering thoughts on my skin, releasing that which is all too often left unspoken.  The act of making these markings reflected the subtle violence and cruelty of holding onto/ruminating on the said statements. Over time, be it a few minutes or a number of hours, the words were gradually absorbed, becoming both a part of my skin and nothing at all. 

Instructions given to audience:

Use the tool to

your secrets
your insecurities
your darkest


On my skin

The harder you press
The longer it lasts

before your darkness is absorbed

Exploit any surface; every inch of this skin is awaiting your story
Unbutton the shirt to 

hide your darkness inside

Photo courtesy Mackensie Benato.


Photos courtesy Rhiannon Hopley.