Produced in collaboration with Pip Louey.

Contemporary Curating is a discussion panel exploring the innovative and experimental ways in which curators are enlivening the field. We will be diving into discussion about new and emerging exhibition spaces, the changing role curatorship, the political potentials of curatorial practice, exciting horizons... and a host of other topics along the way. 

Panel members Chloé Hazelwood, Elyse Goldfinch, Talia Smith and Grace Partridge are each actively engaged in curatorial projects that challenge conventional disciplinary norms. Drawing from diverse experiences, this panel will engage in lively discussion about past, present and future curatorial norms and trends. Ultimately Contemporary Curating hopes to broaden our understanding of curating and challenge us to explore new practices and pathways.

Thursday 6th April 2017
6:00pm - 7:30pm
UNSW Art & Design campus
Student Lounge
Free admission