Kate Stodart is a Sydney based artist and curator whose practice focuses on audience experience. Her current research examines the nuances of living with mental illness and how audience interactivity, immersion or participation may aid the communication of lived experience. Her 2017 curatorial project, Not A Stat, presented lived experience of mental illness through the lens of diverse persons and across varying mediums. More recently in 2018, Stodart curated and produced Kudos Live: Volume 3: Dual Existence, which examined performance art and its documentation; interrogating the way the archival form reflects upon, alters and frames the original work.

Stodart is a co-founder of Roller Door Projects, a new multi-arts space in Sydney's inner west.

Stodart holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts at UNSWAD, majoring in sculpture, performance and installation, and has worked at arts organisations such as The Museum of Contemporary Art, The Biennale of Sydney, Sydney Festival, Carriageworks and Kudos Gallery.

Keeping it real...
Kate didn't get accepted to NAS. She actually initially dropped out of a Vis Comms degree at 18 before starting a BFA at 21. Her first grant application was unsuccessful, as was her second, but she did receive the third grant (though only partially). She didn't get accepted to the Kudos Gallery internship program when she first applied, but she did get it the year after.  Kate has an ever-growing collection of both tangible and intangible rejection notifications, including those from the MCA, Gaffa Gallery, Kudos Gallery, Carriageworks, Bethlem Museum of the Mind and more.

2018 - Kudos Live: Volume 3: Dual Existence

2017 - Not A Stat, AD Space
2017 - Contemporary Curating (discussion panel), UNSW Art & Design

Solo Exhibitions:
2018 - Consume / Subsume, 107 Projects Window Box

2015 - Untitled (what could have been), Three Foot Square

Group Exhibitions:
2018 - Piss Poor Effort 2, 107 Projects

2017 - Kudos Award (finalist), Kudos Gallery

2016 - 2nd to none, AD Space
2016 - Some body / No body, The Black Box, UNSW Art & Design

2018 - Hustle. Harder - Framework #21 'Networks', April 2018

2017 - "Ah.. is there a difference between excitement and anxiety?" -  Framework #20 'Mood'

2017 - “NOT A STAT: Kate Stodart in conversation with Alexandra D’Astolfo” - Framework #20 ‘Mood’